LinkedIn mentoring
Setting up, optimization and complex LinkedIn consulting for business by Ihor Nikolenko
Corporate clients
LinkedIn – is not a typical social network.

It is never used for fun or chit-chat with friends.

It is a global professional network
Here you will find new clients, partners, investors or employees for your business. You can easily get through to people, who make decisions within their scope of influence.

It's like a sniper rifle when you go hunting. Leverage all the power of LinkedIn to grow your business!
Properly set up and optimized Linkedin profile is a basis for efficient activities in this network.
It's your pass to the world of quality leads, loyal clients and increasing sales.
Ihor Nikolenko
Linkedin Expert & Coach
I will help you and your company to achieve the set business goals in the №1 global network for business LinkedIn.
To increase the profit you must appear more often on the radar of your target customers with the right professional content and build interaction with them.

10 reasons, why you can trust me
1. More than 13 years of experience in international companies (Philip Morris Ukraine, Kimberly Clark, Roullier Group, Modern Expo, KMZ Industries, Giga Group) in the markets of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the Baltics.
2. The first LinkedIn Live stream was conducted by me
3. LinkedIn Mentor European Business Association, lectured for President MBA in KMBS
4. One of my Linkedin contacts helped me to implement a B2B project total $5.4 million
5. LinkedIn let me publish my thesis "NLP as an instrument of influence in PR & Politics" in the form of a printed book, which is being sold on Amazon
6. Created the first in the CIS LinkedIn Boost Camp
7. 180+ recommendations from clients and colleagues on my Linkedin profile
8. 30,000+ direct contacts on LinkedIn from all over the world
9. Personal LinkedIn Mentor for Radislav Gandapas
10. Speaker of many online and offline conferences (Kyiv Fashion Week, Business Educational Forum by MBA25, HR Summit and others). I engage in interesting dialogues in the "Fresh Talk" format with top individuals and aces in their professional niches on the YouTube channel:
Ihor Nikolenko
Linkedin Expert & Coach
I will help you and your company to achieve the set business goals in the №1 global network for business LinkedIn.
To increase the profit you must appear more often on the radar of your target customers with the right professional content and build interaction with them.

10 reasons, why you can trust me
1. More than 13 years of experience in international companies (Philip Morris Ukraine, Kimberly Clark, Roullier Group, Modern Expo, KMZ Industries, Giga Group) in the markets of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the Baltics.
2. The first LinkedIn Live stream was conducted by me
3. LinkedIn Mentor European Business Association, lectured for President MBA in KMBS
4. One of my Linkedin contacts helped me to implement a B2B project total $5.4 million
5. LinkedIn let me publish my thesis "NLP as an instrument of influence in PR & Politics" in the form of a printed book, which is being sold on Amazon
6. Created the first in the CIS LinkedIn Boost Camp
7. 180+ recommendations from clients and colleagues on my Linkedin profile
8. 30,000+ direct contacts on LinkedIn from all over the world
9. Personal LinkedIn Mentor by Radislav Gandapas
10. Speaker of many online and offline conferences (Kyiv Fashion Week, Business Educational Forum by MBA25, HR Summit and others). I engage in interesting dialogues in the "Fresh Talk" format with top individuals and aces in their professional niches on the YouTube channel:
YouTube Channel
The process of my LinkedIn mentorship
Comprehensive audit of your presence and activities on Linkedin (personal profile + business page, posting)
Checklist on the results of the audit, which will be the basis for starting work
Receiving information from you according to the audit checklist
"Filling the foundation" - creating or comprehensive upgrade of your personal profile and business page. LinkedIn Indposhiv.
Development of further strategy and tactics for professional activity on LinkedIn
It is possible to train your employees offline (master class "LinkedIn - as a tool for Social Selling") or online in the author's course LinkedIn Boost Camp
Optional, monthly support (LinkedIn Support, Mentoring & Outsourcing service)
Effective activity on LinkedIn is not a sprint but a marathon. It's like a deposit with compound interest. After a while, the dividends will definitely impress you! "
Effective activity on LinkedIn is not a sprint but a marathon. It's like a deposit with compound interest. After a while, the dividends will definitely impress you!"
Service packages
An individual service package is selected
depending on your goals and requirements.
LinkedIn Master Class
LinkedIn Outsourcing
✔ Profile audit and detailed analysis
✔ Consulting on required changes for more efficient work
✔ Recommendations on further strategy on Linkedin, guidelines, lifehacks
✔ Proprietary presentation "Secrets of Linkedin" + Checklist for All-Star Profile
✔ Defining the most efficient model for your business promotion on LinkedIn
✔ 1 hour consulting on any Linkedin topic for your business
As a result of our interaction, you'll get a fully configured personal profile (All-Star) and a business page in the shortest possible time.

✔ Unlimited access to LinkedIn Boost Camp
✔ Proper setup and upgrade of the company's business page help to make the most of all opportunities to attract audiences to certain events on LinkedIn
✔ Consultation in the selection of visual content (avatar customization + background)
✔ Consultation on filling the Headline (forming the correct elevator pitch)
✔ Help with filling in About (supplementing your professional history)
✔ Profile URL customization (to further add it to your digital signature, or business card)
✔ Consultations on filling in the block of work experience (detailing) CAR approach
✔ Consultations on filling in the block of achievements (digitization and "squeezing" of all key results)
✔ Assistance in forming Skills and explaining the principles of endorsements
✔ Development and integration of keywords that should be in the profile
✔ Integration of articles and publications on LinkedIn profile (up to 5 pcs.)
✔ Consultations on filling and correct design for each position and project
✔ Creating a strategy for further activities on LinkedIn to meet your business goals (lead generation, brand awareness, etc.)
✔ Inbound Marketing Consulting
✔ Author's presentation "Secrets of LinkedIn" + checklist for the perfect profile
✔ Unlimited access to the LinkedIn Boost Camp online training course
$1 661
✔ All the advantages of PRO package + complex upgrade of personal profile and business page during a month
✔ Sending 400 connection requests to your target audience (approximately 200+ new target contacts added to your 1st circle)
✔ Assistance and consulting + effective posting on LinkedIn (up to 8 posts per month from your personal profile and business page, preserving your content and visuals)
✔ Doubling the number of profile views + 100%
✔ Increasing the number of views of posts by 5-10 times
✔ Increasing the Social Selling Index (minimum + 10% to + 400%) in the first month of work (measures are taken at the beginning of the project and at the end of work on the profile)
✔ Assistance in creating a content plan (form, topic) for the next month
✔ Sending follow requests for a business page (minimum 100 requests from a business page) + configuring LinkedIn activity monitoring analytics for your competitors' profiles
1551 $
Offline or online MC/workshop "LinkedIn - as a Social Selling Tool for Business Development"
KPMG, Kyivstar, Nova Poshta, Sayenko Kharenko, European Business Association have already ordered this training.

Takeaways from the MC:
✔ Filling in contact details in the profile
✔ Why is it crucial to hand out endorsements and why does your profile must have 50 skills?
✔ Why is it important to design a block of the professional activity correctly and in detail?
✔ Proper design of projects and their integration into the profile
✔ Awards, patents, test scores, additional training, education and volunteering - why you must add it all to your profile?
✔ Education unit at the university and online platforms
✔ What to do next after your profile has been marked All-Star Profile?
✔ How to fill in the block of recommendations correctly and why?
✔ Success plan for B2B on LinkedIn
✔ Super formula for Inbound Marketing and life hacks for proper posting.
✔ Search for customers and target audiences through LinkedIn
✔ Rules of the 2nd and 3rd circles of contacts, groups and working with them
✔ Types of Premium Accounts. How are they different from the free profile
✔ How to create events on LinkedIn? Secret approaches for communication with the target audience through the event platform (1000+ participants)
✔ Your personal dashboard in your LinkedIn profile.
✔ Advice on posting, analytics
✔ Algorithms, life hacks and the latest updates on LinkedIn. And much more practical information and tools on the most effective LinkedIn usage to achieve your business goals.
✔ Individual approach and content of the training for each request (with the help of a questionnaire I collect information for a better understanding of the issues, previous experience and expectations from the participants)
✔ Everything required for creating an effective personal profile as the main tool for lead generation and content distribution.
✔ Principles of customer search, rules of communication
✔ Tips from practitioners in the category "just do it"
✔ Main rules of effective posting, algorithms and principles of Social Selling
✔ Life hacks, secret techniques, tools and new features of LinkedIn that are not used by 99.9% of users.
Linkedin Mentoring Support and Outsourcing (Monthly Package)

✔ Audit and optimization of your work and your LinkedIn activities
✔ 4-8 posts that are correctly and efficiently posted on your personal page + at least 4 posts per month from the business page (your content and visuals).
✔ 2 hours of consulting per month on any matter
✔ 50 to 250 new followers for a business page per month.
✔ Sending 400 connection requests for your target audience (CEO, Founders, Owners, Board Members)
✔ Regular updates and presentation of new advantages that appear on LinkedIn (you will have a privilege among other players in the market, less than 0.05% of people will know and use new approaches) + suggestions and life hacks to integrate new approaches into the company's digital activities
✔ Monthly report on results of activity (digitization and quintessence of all results-metrics)

This package costs - $ 1,111 per month (50%to be paid in advance before the start of work and 50% at the end of the month once KPIs are achieved)
What you receive
You will see the first results in a week after our cooperation (quality profile change, SSI growth, increase in the number of profile views and posts, expansion of your contacts, etc.)
More than 7 years of daily activity on Linkedin
30,000+ direct contacts
My personal sales record on this network is 5.4 mln.$
Individual consultings personally from me throughout the work with your request
Instant support via the messenger convenient for you almost 24 \ 7
System approach
Accurate tasks and instructions for maximum conversion of your efforts on Linkedin.
Detailed schemes and presentations.
The most recent methods that have been tested and proved by me personally
Ability to select and create an individual set of services on Linkedin
I'm glad that what I do resonates with you.
I will be happy to review your case and request in more detail.
Order consulting
I will get in touch with you to discuss the details
Order Pro package
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Leader's Influencer & Coach for A-players | TOP-30 Global Gurus | Best-Selling Author | Global Speaker CSP | President of the CIS Speakers Association (CISSA) | Golf Player & Yachtsman
Игорь Николенко – специалист в котором оптимальным для меня образом сочетаются настойчивость и деликатность.
Именно он выступил инициатором активизации моего LinkedІn экаунта.
Именно он терпеливо ждал пока это решение созреет у меня и когда я пойму, что это делать необходимо.
Именно он, как только я созрел, понимая что упущено время, сделал мой экаунт рабочим и активным настолько быстро, насколько это было возможно.
Я в течение уже первых недель после начала сотрудничества, стал получать запросы от специалистов мирового уровня, о контакте с которыми, я мог ранее только мечтать!
Сегодня активно развивается моя сеть профессиональных контактов, чему я очень рад.
Я еле успеваю обрабатывать новые возможности и рад тому, что Игорь продолжает помогать мне в этом, и, надеюсь, мы будем работать настолько долго, насколько будет существовать LinkedIn.
Основатель "Школы траблшутеров" и Директор "Бюро Брагинского"
Игорь Николенко – один из немногих, кто активно и успешно использует
возможности LinkedIn для построения личного и профессионального брендов.
Он маниакально изучает и интегрирует подходы Social Selling для достижения целей.
Учит этому и своих клиентов: топ-личности и компании, сочетая
настойчивость, высокий профессионализм и адаптивность к меняющимся реалиям.
Рекомендую курсы и консалтинг от Игоря всем, кто хочет научится работать в LinkedIn.
CEO at Business School KROK
With great pleasure, I am writing this recommendation for Ihor Nikolenko. KROK Business School invited Ihor as a guest speaker for the workshop to share his experience and best practices with students and alumni of the School who are top managers and entrepreneurs. Ihor is an open-minded, hard-working, charismatic and mature individual with a clear commitment to improving and enhancing the capacity of many individuals interested in SMM and sales. Ihor has well-developed public speaking skills. I appreciate very much Ihor's personal contribution to the design and delivery of the workshop and I hope we will organize a lot of useful events together. I strongly recommend Ihor as a speaker and a professional in sales. We continue our cooperation with Ihor in the project Linkedin Mentoring for KROK Business School and myself personally. Under Ihor's direct supervision we understood the main principles of LinkedIn operation and we are impressed by Ihor's professionalism and proactive approach demonstrated by him during the project implementation. I strongly recommend Ihor as a consultant and mentor if you want to create a professional LinkedIn page for your company or improve your personal profile. Ihor will discover many useful things on how to enhance your network and increase sales.
Innovations Ambassador at GT Invest
Ihor is motivated, a forward-thinking man who has lots of knowledge in his field. We worked together to build a personal brand on Linkedin. Ihor has given a great boost to my organization. I will definitely come back for future support!
Executive Coach | Researcher of Leadership
Ihor is a driven and dynamic professional. His ability to acquire skills and apply them to drive results is impressive. As a LinkedIn mentor, he provides valuable and practicable peace of advice that dramatically improve results for his clients. His training sessions are dynamic, engaging, and packed with actionable knowledge. If you want to improve your LinkedIn profile or learn more about LinkedIn functionality, I highly recommend contacting Ihor.
Council Member at Foundation
I had a remarkable experience collaborating with Ihor on enhancing my LinkedIn profile. The time he dedicated to asking questions, understanding my needs, and then helping me to build a professional brand that reflects my skills and achievements were spent extremely effective. Whether you are looking for improving your profile, growing business, finding new clients, or partner through LinkedIn, Ihor is the professional I would recommend.
Owner of TopMebel
When we decided to build a strategy for promoting our holding TOPMEBEL on Linkedin, we were looking for a mentor of the highest level in Ukraine. And we already found him! This is Ihor Nikolenko. In the process of working together, we were impressed by Ihor's knowledge and ability to work with a Team! He facilitated our top managers and brainstormed our Linkedin mentoring session. As a result, we received a top-notch professional presence of our company group on Linkedin and got a methodology for our competent and effective promotion in the world's largest business community. In addition to this Ihor made from scratch three LinkedIn profiles for me & CEOs of our companies. Thanks, Ihor!
Caparol General Manager
At the end of the online mentoring session with Igor, within 3 months I figured out the tools of a business social network. Features, life hacking, subtleties and nuances, as well as hidden opportunities exceeded my expectations. Linkedin is my priority network. To be interesting in the world, it is worthwhile to use the capabilities of the platform correctly, and in order to properly use the opportunities, you need to improve your real profile with real actions. Grateful to Igor for discovering the new world of Linkedin for me and for inspiration for transforming my life and entering new horizons! Who wants to change his business profile and reflect on his actions professionally, I can safely recommend Igor as a mentor.
CEO, Co-founder at CIOneer
I underestimated LinkedIn, although I have been using this social network for many years. 2 years ago, I started looking for a professional who will help to improve the quality of my profile which should drive more leads. This year I found Ihor Nikolenko. Within a few weeks of working with Ihor, my profile reached the level of Top 5% Sales professionals in the Information Technology and Services industry, and the number of views on my profile increased by 10%, while I understand that this is only the beginning. I am grateful to Ihor for his dedication, he knows what he is doing and understands the capabilities of the platform and the result for the customer. Well done!
International Executive Search Recruiter
I've kept an eye on Ihor Nikolenko's professional and personal growth for the last three years.
What I've seen, is that Ihor made really massive actions to take a niche of LinkedIn mentor and coach. His charismatic and bright approach to everything he did and maniac obsession with getting results for his clients led him to success and recognition in the business society.
Now, I can admit, with no doubt, that he became one of the top-notch LinkedIn experts in Ukraine. He knows about LinkedIn algorithms and nuances almost everything, in spite of this, he never stops learning and getting cutting-edge info about new changes.
If you want to leverage all the power of LinkedIn for growing your business and building an effective professional presence on this social network – Ihor is the best choice for this. Highly recommended.
General Manager Ukraine at Red Bull
Игорь - большой энтузиаст и профессионал в LinkedIn и всём, что связано с эффективностью в этой сети. Он открыто и щедро делится информацией и всегда открыт к диалогу. Получила большое удовольствие от общения с ним, и готова рекомендовать в качестве LinkedIn "коуча" и гуру.
Mentor | Инвестор | Предприниматель
Я познакомился с Игорем, когда только начал развивать свой персональный бренд. Для меня очень важно сотрудничать на каждом этапе с профессионалами. Еще огромным по значимости является вовлеченность человека в то, чем он занимается. Игорь объединяет в себе оба критерия. Он посвятил и вовлек меня в знакомство с Linkedin, качественно реализовал свою задачу по формированию профиля, дал множество рекомендаций по развитию этого направления. Я очень рад знакомству! Этот человек верой, горящими глазами и стремлением справляется с любыми задачами. Я желаю тебе, Игорь, роста, развития, интересных и увлекательных проектов!
Founder of STEPANOV & Art Village
The first meeting with Igor Nikolenko was very important for me. I wanted to get a lot of information about LinkedIn and make a decision on whether to set up a profile or not. But after the meeting, I discovered new opportunities for me on LinkedIn and we became friends. Igor is able to inspire and share. He is a responsible, positive and creative person. He knows his business perfectly and gets things done. He likes challenges and unusual tasks. I am glad to have such a mentor and friend. Thanks, Ihor!
Founder & CEO, Michurin creative agency
It was a real pleasure to meet Ihor in my professional way. He is a positive, life-affirming, and collaborative person.

Ihor is a professional LinkedIn expert and mentor. I could highly recommend him as a real top-class professional.

Ihor is also a professional in business development and new business approaches. He is a strategic-minded manager, who can see the whole picture, at the same time paying sufficient attention to all process details.
Executive Director | EV charging network manager | Innovation integrator
Igor is the right person to help your personal image or your business status to grow faster.

Perfect knowledge of LinkedIn instruments and his unique tactic will make a result.

It was a big pleasure to work with him. Igor was always of great help with making my profile more business-oriented. He knows exactly what you should change to be on the top. Accurate work with details.
For sure I will recommend Igor as a LinkedIn mentor for my colleagues and partners.
Immigration Lawyer
Ihor is an amazing enterprise performance consultant and trainer. The work with Ihor helped me gain clarity on LinkedIn processes. The ideas that came out of our conversation helped me craft a marketing and business generation plan that will grow my business to higher levels via LinkedIn.
Chief Communications Officer
My team has participated in Ihor's training on LinkedIn. Ihor upgraded our skills and vision on the strategy and tactics of this platform. Ihor himself was easygoing and collaborative, it made the educational process light and joyful. thank you, Ihor!
Бизнес-тренер, собственник Leaderway
Игорь помог нам настроить несколько профилей в Linkedin - мой и корпоративный Leaderway. Сделал это очень быстро и профессионально.
Хочу с уверенностью рекомендовать Игоря, как отличного специалиста и клиенто-ориентированного человека. Спасибо!
Brand Ambassador & Co-Owner of GigaCloud | We make the clouds closer and accessible to you.
Meeting with Igor, was an interesting page in my personal and professional development story. Igor is a talented coach and bright speaker. His rich sales background, combined with deep LinkedIn knowledge, makes him a real "Sniper" among the sellers. I would trust him to develop and sell our products without a doubt. His LinkedIn course is just a little bit of what he could share with you. Highly recommended.
#Advocacy of business interests #Facilitate business opportunities #Networking
Ihor provided for me and my team a Linkedin mentoring session. As my feedback, I would like to notice that Ihor has a wide practical sales background. Thus, we have got maximum practical instructions and pieces of advice with a clear explanation on how to use Linkedin as a new tool to achieve our goals. It was 100% practical content and nothing in excess. We have results, this is the main point!
We help Ukrainian TOP managers to grow businesses influencing on the UA legal system via purposeful customer experience.
We got acquainted with Ihor when he was conducting his LinkedIn mentoring for EBA in 2018. Ihor helped me and my team to upgrade our professional LinkedIn profiles and showed us all tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn more efficiently. Ihor's methodology is a tribute to his unique high-level professional corporate background in top companies and LinkedIn obsession. I strongly recommend contacting Ihor in case you have a business need in developing your network smartly and modernly.
Your corporate guide for changes & main driver for digital transformations | CEO & Founder of Change Impulse | ACMP Ukraine Leader | Certified Change Management Professional
We got acquainted with Ihor when I was looking for somebody who will help me to build a holistic system for my professional activity and presence on LinkedIn.
I've already used this platform but intuitively understood that I didn't use it to the maximum level. So I had doubts that it would work for me.
But after our collaboration with Ihor and his LinkedIn Mentorship, I can say for sure, that Ihor knows what he is doing.
I found the best one to help me reach my professional goals by leveraging all the power of LinkedIn.
• Ihor inspires and guides me comfortably in my professional endeavors
• He holds the same values – respect and full devotion to clients' expectations
• Ihor equipped me with tons of hands-on practical techniques, lifehacks& guides that increased my productivity and efficiency on LinkedIn
So if you want to learn how to use Linkedin for the maximum in a short period of time - Ihor's consulting is the right choice.
Highly recommended.
Помогаю компаниям, владельцам повышать эффективность управленческих процессов +организационный дизайн | Founder ICPM Consulting | Vice President корпоративного университета "Нова Пошта" |Президент Асcоциации CMC Ukraine
Хочу выразить благодарность Игорю, за его работу. Он из того нового поколения, которое помогает клиенту, а не продает себя. Это крайне важно. Рад что работал с ним, и думаю, что мы дальше будем сотрудничать. А это уже повторные продажи, скажу я вам - это результат. Ключевой своей темой - жизнью и продвижением в Linkedin владеет классно.
We help our clients to leverage financial English for boosting their international career | CEO & Founder of Financial Business English (FBE)
When I was looking for someone to help me boost my both personal and FBE School (Financial English) LinkedIn profiles, I came across the offer from Ihor Nikolenko. From the first contact on I knew I was on the right way of developing this social resource.
Instant response, clear understanding of my needs as well as structured and to the point solutions to boosting my profiles were the things I was most impressed with.
I was immediately switched on to many highly useful resources that helped my understanding of what Ihor was doing to improve the profiles. Additionally, I got access to very well-structured insights on marketing and PR areas which greatly helped me to project the work.
Highly positive, extremely resourceful and with an up-to-date approach Ihor Nikolenko has breathed life into my profiles.
After the first days on, the number of followers increased by 30% with this figure steadily growing as the work has proceeded.
I strongly recommend contacting Ihor Nikolenko if you're in search of the efficient growth of your LinkedIn profile. He is surely the leader in this area.
Helping businesses effectively communicate in the global marketplace | Lifelong learner | CEO & Founder of Business Training Centre | More than 5 000 + clients and 250 000 + training hours
It's been a real pleasure to cooperate with Igor who helped us to create an effective tool - a LinkedIn page, both my personal one as a CEO of the company and my company Business Training Center page.
I really liked the way we worked together: clear goals were discussed, strategic planning was created, and step by step Igor helped us to form our pages the way they should look like.
Special thank you for the opportunity to participate in a closed group where Igor as a mentor gives a lot of useful and effective recommendations on how to continue working with personal and company pages. It really helps.
Unfortunately in Ukraine many business people who work in the B2B sector don't pay attention to their LinkedIn profiles and think that it's not important. But I'm more than sure that sooner or later Ukrainian business people will understand how priceless their LinkedIn profiles are because they can really reflect their reputation in the market. And then such a person as Igor will be a huge finding. So thank you Igor very much for giving me a real feeling of an international level of work.
Помогаю клиентам выходить из конфликтных ситуаций более качественным, быстрым и менее затратным способом | СЕО Business Aid | Ваш гид в сложных переговорах и корпоративной безопасности
Мы начали сотрудничать с Игорем, когда у меня был запрос на начало профессиональной деятельности в LinkedIn.
Стояла задача создать персональный профиль, бизнес страницу и понять что и как делать в этой запутанной соцсети для того чтобы искать новых клиентов из бизнеса.
Игорь очень структурно и грамотно построил процесс нашего взаимодействия, дополнил его возможностью пройти учебный курс по LinkedIn + теоретической частью (лайфхаки, алгоритмы, инструкции),и уже за пару недель я мог похвастаться своим новым качественным профилем и бизнес страницей B-Aid.
Также Игорь помог понять ключевые моменты и выстроить понимание дальнейших действий в LinkedIn для достижения моих целей.
Хочу отметить также, что наше сотрудничество помогло взглянуть на мой бизнес проэкт по новому и нам удалось коротко и ёмко сформулировать саму суть.
Это очень ценно!
В целом я очень доволен и благодаря рекомендациям Игоря Николенко уже получил очень хороших клиентов.
Рекомендую всем кто реально хочет получать результаты в своем бизнесе через LinkedIn.
Executive Coach, PCC ICF | Team Coach, GTCI | Total Rewards Consultant, GRP | Culture Transformation Facilitator | Advanced yoga practitioner | Entrepreneur | Art lover
Some time ago I have been looking for a LinkedIn consultant who would guide and navigate me through the specifics of this social network. I had a task to establish my profile, expand the network and educate myself on further maintenance and development of my presence on LinkedIn. Luckily I came across Ihor's LinkedIn Mentoring service, and now I am delighted to recommend him to anyone who might need similar consultancy. First of all Ihor's service is very well organized from the process point of view. From the starting point you are embedded into the clear flow of tasks or requests as well as you understand the holistic picture of how your content is expected to "play". Obviously, Ihor knows and loves his business very well. But what I wanted to highlight is the "mentoring" piece of his service. For me personally, this is a true added value that came beyond the tangible result I received in the form of the established profile. Ihor skillfully coped with my intense internal resistance toward social media and left no space for my hesitation. Not only did he personally perform some steps which I would never do by myself, but also blended his suggestions with humor and support making our collaboration professional yet easygoing. I do appreciate such kind of partnership and wish Ihor all the best in his future development.
Develop water treatment products and businesses | Improve water quality for homes and industries | Fight single use plastic bottles | Interested in #Water Tech, #IoT, #E-commerce | CEO & Co-Owner of Ecosoft
Ihor gave a great push to our team to jump into LinkedIn communication and marketing. It took him less than a month to prepare our team, and content and provide support during the first steps. I would highly recommend Ihor's support to every company and individual who looks on LinkedIn as a communication and marketing tool.
Age management visionary | CEO of SHGV Clinic | MD, Ph.D.| Setting new standards in medicine & healthcare | Chairman of Global Age Management Alliance | Founder of Global Age Management Academy
Игорь Николенко – ракетоноситель в безграничном космосе бизнес возможностей LinkedIn. Стыковка с ним позволяет выйти на новую орбиту 🚀 Он помог мне сделать почти с нуля мой личный профиль + бизнес страницы для GAMA & SHGV Clinic, а также сформировал глобальную сеть с целевых бизнес контактов. Комплексно детализировал мне и команде, как дальше использовать эту сеть для построение глобального бренда и cообщества. Рекомендую Игоря, как отличного профессионала в своей теме.
SEO Sayenko Kharenko
I know Igor for many years as a self-made and very determined person. Lately, I have been witnessing his progress as a LinkedIn mentor and it was an amazing success story! We invited Igor to run two workshops for our people and it has been a great investment. We plan to continue our cooperation in this area and further build our knowledge of LinkedIn together with Igor.
How to order audit or consultig?
I will get in touch with you to discuss the details
1. What do I get as a result of our cooperation?
  • Increase the involvement of your target audience and quality lead generation
  • Increased interest from recruiters (if you are looking for a new project)
  • Strengthening your positioning as an expert, industry leader, and professional in your field.
  • You will get more connection requests from your leads or specific suggestions from recruiters
  • Development of your professional brand, plus another high-quality point of contact with your potential clients
  • Quantitative and qualitative growth of your contacts in this network
  • Increase the% of your profile views
  • A clear understanding of the mechanisms and principles of working on Linkedin and a strategy for further activity on this social network
  • Better involving of your target audience in activities on your behalf or on behalf of the company
  • Increase the conversion of responses to your emails from potential customers
  • Increasing the number of meetings with clients: both online and offline
  • Increase in sales of your product, service
  • You will be among the top 1% of the most effective LinkedIn users
  • Entering the global market with your offer
  • Increase in the% of transactions after exhibitions, events
  • SSI increase minimum 10%, maximum 400%
  • Most importantly, your LinkedIn activities will be successfully converted into concrete results in the form of new agreements, projects, interactions and market expansion
2. Will you do everything on your own?
No, not all. I'll also need your help and active involvement
Before we start, we will talk about your goals, and expectations from upgrading your LinkedIn profile, I will do an audit and send you a checklist to fill out on your side, and then there will be two-way interaction on a fixed work plan.
Depending on the option of our interaction, I will be able to take over a certain % of the required daily operating activities on LinkedIn to achieve the desired results.
3. So, does Linkedin really work?
I am convinced that about 1 billion users and 30 million companies have posted their profiles on LinkedIn for good reason.
While you are wondering, every second 3 new profiles are registered in a network (in 2020 this number was 2 new profiles)
Yes, maybe you will finally start acting?!
Or not, wait a couple more years for competitors to gain market dominance.
It's not that urgent, right? 😊
4. Why so expensive?
Expensive is to waste time, energy and efforts, but still have no result…

You can try and sort it all out on your own. You can search for cheaper options from Linkedin theoreticians. Or you can make a decision and receive your result with me.

Investing into speeding up this process with the help of my consulting, you cover all expenses on it with the first deal closed via Linkedin.

Make your choice wisely.
5. What are the guarantees that I will receive expected result after consulting?
If someone gives you a 100% guarantee of the result - most likely it is a fraud.
I can guarantee that you will be able to find and clearly identify your target audience in any corner of the globe.
You will be able to directly build relationships with people who may sooner or later become your customers.
I am guaranteed to give detailed and clear instructions and use the latest, proven practical techniques and tools, which are not used by 99% of ordinary LinkedIn users.
This fact alone is a guarantee that you will have privileges and advantages among others.
And then it's up to you and your team.
LinkedIn activity is like a deposit with compound interest. After a while, dividends will pleasantly surprise you.
Ihor Nikolenko
+ 380 66 721 55 54

Individual Entrepreneur Ihor Nikolenko, ITN 3030301950
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